Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek


New Year's Eve: I stood beneath the Harbour Bridge and watched the fireworks.

Today: I heard Pete Postlewaite died from cancer, sixty four. I always appreciated him in the films I saw.

Also, I have a cold, today.

Yesterday: I found a book called Sydney by Delia Falconer. Apparently there is a Hobart and Brisbane, put out by the University of New South Wales, and entirely ripping on that series put out a few years back, where authors who about their personal recollections about cities. In that series, Peter Carey wrote about Sydney, and began with a quote. Falconer does the same. Still, I can read memoirs about cities until the end of time, and cute little books about the city I live in are a special weakness.

Last Year: Girls.



And the writing went up, went down, went up, went down, ended with a book coming out at the start of 2011, shared with the ever lovely Stephanie Campisi, Above/Below.

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