Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Assange on Bail

Today saw Julian Assange released on bail, given an electronic tag, and told to report daily to the police and now go out late at night.

Locally, after receiving criticism over their initial claim that Assange and Wikileaks had committed a crime, the Australian Government have been forced to admit that this is not the case. There is even some reporting, in fact, that there is a movement within the Labor Party's Left to support Assange, and ensure that his rights as a citizen are protected. At the very least, I suppose, our Prime Minister could slap some of the American politicians claiming for his assassination, but I don't think anyone locally truly believes that Australia will disagree with America. However, it is good to see the government receiving some disagreement, and moreso, it is good to see that a lot of people have come to the assistance of Wikileaks and Assange. I suspect that the Operation Payback of shutting down Mastercard, Visa and Paypal wasn't the best way to impress upon the public at large that Wikileaks was a good organisation, but it did highlight the possible issue that would arise, should Assange meet some kind of sudden end.

Either way, it's been interesting to watch, and it has highlighted some of the failings of the media. The story of the New York Times going to the US government to veto what cables they could and could not publish has no doubt damaged them, but I don't think that we, as readers, should believe that this is an isolated case. It has furthered my belief not that print journalism or news reporting is not just dying just because of the internet, in that new technology is replacing old, though this is part of it. There's no doubt that it is easier to read journalism on the internet than it is in a paper. However, there is also true that there is more variety on the net, and that within that variety is better writing, and more interesting writing. A long time ago, it was explained to me that the local newspapers were written for the average reading level of a thirteen year old, and as the audience around the world becomes more cynical, more knowledgeable, and more demanding, such writing becomes increasingly unacceptable.

Anyhow, just a random thought attached to all that is going on.

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