Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
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Overland Subscriberthon

Overland is a fine magazine, one that's been around for quite some time, and has published decent fiction and articles since its birth. They're doing a drive to get people to subscribe, and the link is at the bottom:

Morning, welcome to the Overland Subscriberthon 2010. Over the next week you’ll see guest blog posts by Australian luminaries such as Alison Croggon, James Bradley, Roberta Lowing and Antony Loewenstein, and much-admired Overland regulars like Koraly Dimitriadis, Boris Kelly, Michael Brull, and many more. There’ll be spot prizes and competitions and you’ll go into the draw to collect prizes from some of the best publishers and journals in Australia.

In fact, if you subscribe today, you’ll go into the running for the following prizes:

The Monday Meanjin prize
A complete set of the 2010 Meanjin quarterly, which is just about to celebrate its 70th birthday. Their latest anniversary issue revisits Vance Palmer on going to war (1942), Jim Davidson interviewing Dorothy Hewett (1979), MJ Hyland (2004), Helen Garner (2002) and Elizabeth Jolley talking knickers (1987).

The Monday Taste of Melb Pub prizeThe Monday Taste of Melbourne Publishing Prize
The Little Books on Big Themes collection (MUP), Melbourne Remade (Arcade Publications), My Grandmother (Spinifex Press), Out of Bounds (, Stamping Ground (Clouds of Magellan), Sleepers Almanac No.6 (Sleepers), Writing Art and Architecture (, A Dandelion on the Roof & other stories (Clouds of Magellan), Four Quarters (ASP), The Pacific Solution (ASP), Keeping Faith (transit lounge) and a signed copy of the Miles Franklin winning Truth (Text).

The Monday 50+ issues of Overland in sequential order prize
That’s right, a complete run of issues from 1990–2002. See what was happening in Australian culture and politics post the fall of the Berlin Wall, at the outbreak of the first Gulf War and during the first half of Howard’s reign; discover our Black writing edition, the emergence of grunge fiction, and a profusion of Australian and American poetry.

You could also win our major, major prize – an assortment of journals, non-fiction, novels, poetry, t-shirts and wine, sure to sate you for the following year. (For a full list of sponsors visit our Subscriberthon page.)

And when you subscribe, you automatically win a year’s subscription to Overland – so everyone’s a winner. And if you’re already a card-carrying member of the Overland community, fret not: you can still resubscribe and we’ll simply add another four issues to the length of your subscription. Take the plunge, subscribe!

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