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i went and saw the new Superman film last night.

i was glad to see that old supes has ditched the red and blue, but a little disappointed with the religious look he was supporting. and what's with those sunglasses? i know that while you're clark kent you've got to wear them, supes, but what point do they actually serve at any other point in the film? well, what does it matter? you saved lois and jimmy on numerous occasions.

so, yeah, i didn't much like reloaded. in fairness i didn't think the Matrix was any great shake, and i had read comments before, telling me that it was a bit hollow in the centre. well, a think a bit is somewhat of an understatement, don't you? at one stage i felt i could have gotten out of my seat, grabbed a coke, flirted with the underage staff, done a little dance, and returned to the cinema where i would find the same pointless drivel going on, and still be facing the important question of, why are you all dressed like that?

one of the problems, i think, is neo. what's the point of half his fights? a hundred agent smith's is silly, the program guard is just an excuse for a flat fight, and the fight through the museum bit is actually kind of dull and repetitive. it appears, though i could be wrong, that the same moves are used in all the fights, and nothing new is added.

i also wonder, just, how it is that a program can die from bullets or swords?

the film does pick up with the morpheus, trinity, key-maker, two blonde guys chase through the streets. that's pretty nifty, and it might be more interesting because there's no assurance that these characters will survive, or because they're not so fucking all powerful that they can leap tall buildings in a single bound and save lois... sorry, but do you mind if i hum the superman theme song now?

the other problem i had was agent smith. he could have been used in a much more interesting, dangerous way, i thought, by putting him on the same side as neo. it might've given some tension to the thing, at least.

but ah, this is just going on. final comments: stylish, but dull, and hollow, and with rather simple philosophical mumblings about people and machines.

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