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the new sbs logo ads are worthy of notice, especially since it relates to television and i generally don't like tv.

where most channels are content to make logos that advertise the people who work on their channel, sbs has endeavored to make something unique. (pause: the channel 9 logo, which is the spike jonz directed video clip to fatboy slim's weapon of choice has made me actually dislike the song. it's so godforsaken and evil that i am at a lost for words. but it is only closely followed by the channel ten logo, and it's very annoying blue and yellow thing. ack.) but anyhow, sbs.

the sbs logo is of particular interest because of the diversity of people that appear there. i can't think--off the top of my head--of one ethnicity not portrayed in them, which is, really, a simple five seconds of someone's face. it's fantastic. their face and their name in a andy warhol five second snap shot.

i wonder if warhol was the influence?

at any rate, the sbs logo is a true representation of the audience which watches it. it is also a true representation of an audience in australia watching tv, and it's a shame that other channels do not promote such diversity, relying instead on a collection of white middle aged people poorly reconstructing the footsteps of christopher walken, just to take a wild stab at fingering one channel.

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