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why is my livejournal purple?

i mean, i pass by, happy as punch (well, not really) and it's purple. and a light purple at that. that's just not right.


anyhow, i have had a few thoughts about the buffy auction. such amazing stupidity astounds me, and makes me wonder, if, for four thousand dollars, do you get underwear worn by sarah michelle gellar? it says the complete costume, right? so you'd expect underwear, right? and if so, has it been washed? i think such knowledge might be important to anyone willing to shell four grand on some clothes worn by buffy. i mean, i'm not the only one thinking that they're being purchased to sniff, right?

come on, i can't be the only one.

i also think that whoever buys those clothes, is going to pull them on and have sex. perhaps with the person who bought clothes worn by angel and spike. (or willow, for those of you with your little fantasies.)

it still seems kind of wrong, though. even if you do get their underwear.
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