Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

White Crocodile Jazz (Sprawl Review)

I came across this review of Sprawl by Guy Salvidge, which contains this neat reference to my story in the collection:

Ben Peek’s “White Crocodile Jazz” reminds me of the work of one of my favourite writers, Harry Crews, of whom no one but me seems to have heard. This is a gritty piece quite different in tone from most of the stories in this anthology. In it, there’s a Snake Handler who gets the stuffing beaten out of him more than once, a Vietnamese midget by the name of Bob, a mute narrator, a Crocodile Woman, and more. The Crews novel this reminds me of most is The Gypsy’s Curse, which everyone should read directly after reading “White Crocodile Jazz.”

Now, I know who Harry Crews is. I haven't read any for years and years, but Crews is cool, and I'm all good with that comparison.

You don't know who Harry Crews is?

For shame.

You can buy Sprawl here.
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