Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek


Two interviews, two weeks. Hopefully you dug them.

I've decided to have them through the blog as a bit of an irregular feature, which means, really, when I feel like it, and with whoever. No one who appears hits me up for the space, incidentally, I just figure it'll be a good idea, throw them an email, and off we go.

Also, with any luck, it introduces you to some folk you haven't heard of before.

In other news, I sent in my last little pieces for Above/Below. Since we've gotten a bit of extra time, I've written a couple of extra pieces for it--nothing too big, mind you, but hopefully a couple of additional pieces that will help weave the two novellas together, and give the impression of a single, consolidated whole (a short novel, really) should people want to view it in such a fashion. Should they not, then all good, but when you've got a bit of time, and the person in charge of the project says, 'Sure,' when you toss a few ideas up (all hail the mighty Alisa of 12th Planet Press) then I figure it's worth a go. Hopefully, it'll give another layer to the book, as I said, but if it doesn't, then we'll just scrap it, nothing gained nothing lost.

It's nice to have the time for that.
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