Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Christopher Pike is Michael Brite is Santa is Jesus is Mohammad is--

Here's a lesson that's doing the 'net:

If you're an author, and you get a bad amazon review, don't go and argue with it. Anne Rice did it, and it didn't work out well for her. However, if you're an author, and you then go and pretend that you're the editor for the author, using a fake name that you've used before, you really shouldn't expect that to go well for you either. In addition, while the practice of creating fake names and going round and reviewing your own work might seem like a ticket to success, you really shouldn't use the same fake name that you then plan to use to pretend to be the editor of the novel you wrote and didn't research a country properly for.

It's actually a fairly impressive display of author insanity, wherein author's are frequently insane, when it comes to reviews. The original reply by Christopher Pike, wherein he pretends to be the editor of his book, Michael Brite, is kept here.


What a fine and excellent and hilarious sequence of author frauds. It would only have been better if he had pretended to be Turkish.

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