Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Above/Below Update.

Yes, Above/Below was not released at the World Con that just went past.

It could have, but the truth is, none of us were happy with what it looked like at that point, and none of us (Alisa, Steph, me) wanted to release anything that we wouldn't be happy with. The book, even though it's strictly two novellas, has a lot of overlapping to be worked out, a lot of world building to be stitched together, a lot of continuity, and so on and so forth, that needed a bunch of time that wasn't factored in. It's kind of a suck when you say you're going to do something on this date and it doesn't happen, but in the end you make the choice on being happy or not, and so it got pushed back some.

Likely, it'll now be released late November, early December, as per what will work best in the Twelfth Planet Press release schedule. I'll let you know so you can spend some of that hard earned Xmas money on things other than crack and hookers.

(Don't worry, it won't set you back much. You'll still be able to have some crack and some hookers.)
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