Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Memories of Ice

I've a couple hundred of pages left on Steven Erickson's Memories of Ice, the third book in his the Malazan Book of the Fallen, and I admit, I'm quite enjoying the series so far. Word on the street was correct: they do pick up after the first book, with a pretty neat religious jihad and retreating army in the second, and a fine starving, cannibalistic army swarming a city and eating its inhabitants in the third. It's handled pretty well, despite those descriptions, though I must admit, I would have liked the siege in the third to go on a little longer.


I feel I should comment on the length of these books.

It's been for-fucking-ever since I read a big shit ass kill your baby with the size of this book fantasy series, and I've read something like two thousand two hundred pages already and it's a bit ridiculous. I mean, there's ten of these things--where do people find the time? Is the title of this third book some kind of ironic jab by Erickson about the length? I could've read about twice as many more books in the time it's taken me to read this, which I suppose is a bit of a silly complaint, since I am liking them well enough, but there are other books out there--fantastic books, I might add--and with another seven books in the series, all of them appearing to be in equal size, give or take a few hundred, the prospect of another seven thousand pages to read to a conclusion is kind of daunting. How do people do this shit? Is the toilet time ramped up to seven hours a day? Do you just give up working? Do you all say to your partners, "Sorry, dear, but for the next two months I'm reading a fantasy series. I'll be available for sex between the times of two and three am. I also eat then."

Anyhow, it's a minor complaint, but I look back at when I was a kid, and I'd read these things all the time. Granted, I don't think they were regularly a thousand pages with a few exceptions, but I'm kind of wondering where I found the time and patience, and why every couple of hours I didn't think, "You know, half the cast could be cut out of this for a leaner, meaner kind of book."

Ah well.

If you got the time and aren't put off by the size, I do fully recommend the Jihad and retreating army of Deadhouse Gates, however.

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