Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Electric Story

the very fine writer, lucius shepard, also writes very fine, very funny, very scathing essays about movies that occasionally verge into a few thoughts on society. the sit they're kept on, have just added essays for the Matrix:Reloaded, Identity, 28 Days Later and the latest trek film.

here's a quote:

Contemporary comic heroes are invariably outsiders, misfits who are somehow special, blessed with secret powers, these the articles of mutant virtue or vice, and it’s becoming apparent that’s how many of us want to see ourselves. We desire to be among the X-Men, Neo and the rebels, et al. We yearn to be cool like in high school, part of a select group, but a group nonetheless. Fifty years ago, our cultural heroes were chiefly loners who hauled themselves up by their bootstraps. Today we are being led (by something, the momentum of history, a conspiracy of accident and intent, whatever) to identify with those who slip along in a substratum, performing clandestine and often arcane maneuvers, usually in tandem with others like themselves, in league against the shadowy forces that oppress us.
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