Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Our Leader

And so, Australia finally has a Prime Minister.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, really, that it ended up as Julia Gillard and the Labor Party in the winning seat, especially after the release of the Opposition's budget report. I figure at that point it was pretty much decided, and the extra time was divided up by the three independents seeing what it is that they could get. Bob Katter, who eventually went against the other two independents and sided with Abbott, no doubt is enjoying his Queer as Folk DVDs while sitting beneath the gun rack and calling people in a girlie squee with every plot twist and romance. Tony Windsor and Rob Oakshott, the latter now being hassled for making long speeches--as if, in the history of politics, we haven't heard those before--will be returning home with less fame and fortune, and time will shake out if their electorates agreed with what they did.

The true question now, however, will be just if this new arrangement will work. Gillard needs to remain in for the three years to gain credibility, and the Labor Party needs not to replace her in the wee hours of the morning to keep theirs--and Bob Brown and the Greens, no doubt, want to keep the thing alive for as long as they can to get a good showing, and establish themselves even stronger. What remains to be seen, however, is if by the slim margin that power is held, that anything can be done, which I figure will be the true test as the Opposition brushes up in the mirror by saying the word, "No," repeatedly.

Still, no matter what's said, I found it interesting, and maybe that will even hold out for another three years.

Or, maybe we'll all buy really big hats, much like Bob Katter.

Only time will tell.

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