Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek


I'm pretty much knee deep in a new book, which has no title, and has a world full of dead Gods littering the landscape.

Here's a quote:

The mercenary turned to find the other man's fingers pressed against his leg, a faint ring of blood soaking through at the hip. “You ought to see a healer about that.”
“I have.”
“A real healer. Not the ones here that cover you in herbs and stitch wounds.”
“I require nothing from the corpses of Gods,” said Heast coldly.
Behind the two, one of the drummers hit his skin softly, testing it. “They're dead,” Bueralan said. “Why you mountain people have trouble taking the spoils, I'll never know.”
“When I kill a man, I do not spend thousands of years thinking about him while I make the generations of my family eat the meat off his bones.”

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