Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Censoring the Piranha (in 2D)

Apparently, a TV ad for the film The Piranha 3D (surely a fine example of excellent film making) has not been allowed to show on TV because of censors. Hardly surprising, I guess, but I found the reasoning strange. Here's an example of it:

Make sure the beer bottle in guy's hand is generic or paint over.

Please cover up more of the breast area of the woman on left who comes up out of the water with the other girl.

Need to lose the shot of woman in thong doing dry humping/grinding motion on top of the other girl with thong. Obviously, both of these women's naked-thonged butts are facing the camera and as I would say to add coverage to their butts, we just need to lose this shot all together. Now, this shot is in super low res so I don't have great detail on the white t-shirted girls, but just in case... for the woman facing the camera, we need to make sure we cannot see any nipple protrusion, that this t-shirt is NOT "wet" or that there is any breast jiggling.

Please confirm what guy screams out "Are you ready for_____." Please confirm what he says here.

Please make sure girls on stage have enough coverage on their butts (like the one to the far right as we do see the side of her).

We need to darken ALL of the blood shown in spot. This includes on the woman's arm in the black bathing suit on boat.

Please make sure this woman's boobs are not coming out of her top. Please lose shot of blood splattering on woman and make sure to darken blood (or remove) from guy at end who gets thrown out of boat by piranha.

I've seen the trailer, which you can follow too, and to be honest, it all flashes past so quickly in 36 seconds that I barely noticed a beer bottle, nipples, or too much butt. I did notice the word titties, however, which, like, really? That's an issue?

It reminded me of earlier in the week, when I overheard a radio show discussing the proposed bill by the Labor Party to sensor the internet. I was kind of hoping that they would spend time discussing how the proposal was ridiculous, and how they knew that it wouldn't make its was through, but instead they were discussing some of the things that would be banned. There was the usual Golden Showers and Beastality, but what surprised me was that also in there was female ejaculation. Male ejaculation was fine, of course, but not female, which I found to be really quite at odds with itself.

It was strange, I thought, how society acts to both demonise and praise female sexuality, and how awfully limiting and controlling it is. On the surface, I'm sure a lot of people might not see the comments listed above as being critical to women, especially given the nature of The Piranha, but removing it from the trailer, you have to wonder where the line does, or does not stop, and while it is that there is nothing said about the semi naked men and the frankly demeaning attitude that the men present towards women?

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