Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The Harold Holt Swimming Pool.

Since an election is coming, I thought it would be amusing to link this site, which is full of quotes and tidbits from various Prime Ministers:

Edmund Barton.

Made a speech that included the line: "These races are, in comparison with the white races- I think no one wants convincing of this fact - unequal and inferior"

Alfred Deakin.

Had a grand dream of Australians evolving as a splendid new race of British stock "without the admixture of other races"

Joseph Cook.

Opposing gambling, alcohol and other frivolous pastimes was most un-Australian. Understandable that he didn't write any memoirs. The man never lived. An unfortunate blight on Australia 's history.

Arthur William Fadden.

Liked a beer and a dirty joke.

Joseph Benedict Chifley.

Managed to have simultaneous affairs with three different women - his secretary, her sister and a typist from his own office.

Harold Edward Holt.

Went for a swim and was never seen again. The event has been referred to as "the swim that needed no towel." In Melbourne , construction soon began on the Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Pool.

There's something for everyone here.
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