Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Blackstar Warrior

No doubt a lot of you have seen the trailer for the hoax film, Blackstar Warrior, a film that imagines a blaxploitation Star Wars staring Lando.

The best thing about it, however, is the material that is sprouting up around it, most notably a youtube documentary that tracks the failing of its black director to get the film fully made and finished, and his son's desire to have his work complete. There's lots of nice touches in it--the use of the Xmas special and the bunny rabbit Star Wars to demonstrate that Lucas did not have full control over his property, and that the rights could be (and were) purchased all round and all kinds of things were made. It's a neat idea. They have a son, and a so called expert of blaxploitation films--who might indeed be one, for all I know--and a nice link to the time and place, which gives it a little bit of social awareness.

It drops the ball, however, when it begins trying to fit Lando in as a stolen (or purchased creation), and like all good hoaxes, even those that want you to know they're hoaxes, it loses its credibility the more you watch it.

Still, it's pretty neat.

There's another two parts to the doco, so watch them all.
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