Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The Bank and Balloon

This morning, the bank asked me if I would like a financial health check.

I don't know why I agreed, but I did, and the woman no doubt wondered why I agreed too. She did not seem to quite understand how I had no financial goals for the next twelve months. "You don't want to buy a house, maybe a car?" she asked, a couple of times, and each time I said no, amused, because she had my account information. How I was going to buy either of those things without going into debt, I had no idea, but perhaps her goal was to lead me into some kind of debt relationship with the bank.

But no, I have no financial goals like that. I started working on a new novel and I got ten thousand words of that down, and I fiddle with short stories, and I work, and I keep myself busy, and that pretty much is it to life.

Other than giant balloon art, that is.

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