Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Late Late Late

There's a bit of talk going round that some time later today, Julia Gillard might usurp Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, which is, I suspect, a response to the mining campaign against Rudd's tax hike, and negative press in general.

Honestly, I'm not much fussed. Gillard, Rudd: different face, same shit. It will, I think, be a shame if Gillard walks into power and steps back in the mining tax, if for nothing than it will demonstrate that it's big business that holds all the power in the country (a shocking assumption, I'm sure). No doubt people will disagree, but I don't think you could ignore the fact that the mining companies removed a Prime Minister, if it does indeed happen. There will--as always--be other reasons, but that will be the main one in my mind. The fear of a Tony Abbott led coalition is, frankly, ridiculous. Overlooking the current approval or disapproval, Abbott is a mostly hated figure, someone that by and large the female population of this country cannot stomach the sight of, and while he's the current caretaker, the Labor party are pretty safe. But, you know, politics--it's all middle of the road bullshit in which a country is run like a company, and apathy is king in the people.

For a lot of countries, democracy is something to strive for, the given right to vote, to take a stance, and for them, it is of supreme importance, but what happens after that? How do you--how does anyone--continue to justify a set of politics that presents almost indistinguishable parties, men and women who speak not in grey, emotionless words that resonate with corporate empires, and a complete and utter belief in the public that the people who represent them are liars, cheats, and have only their personal interests at stake? It strikes me as the most amazing thing that anyone can sit around in this day and age and claim that democracy is functional, much less important, and that we have not yet gravitated towards a new political system, or perhaps that we have always been existing in a political system, in which the red and black, the obstruction and conservatism, the religion and the heterosexuality, are pushed forward as not just political ideals, but morals, for which we should aspire, and raise our children in.

Ah, but being awake at two thirty in the morning and blogging can only lead to trouble.


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