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BP have launched plan number six to stop the awful spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This time, the plan--including live video feeds--involves dumping mud, golf balls, tire parts, and cement into the hole to plug it. It will be twenty four hours before anyone knows if it works or not, but I'm sure we'll all enjoy a moment of cynicism that is born out of 37 days of failure that it won't.

Lately, I've been watching news programs about the event, and other big business stories. For example, in Australia, a large mining tax is being proposed by the government, to basically grab some of the cash that is there. Whether it's a good plan or not, I can't say, since I have a limited knowledge of that kind of thing, but it's no real surprise that the mining industry has gone, 'No thanks,' just as BP has said, time and time again, that they're on the job, don't stress it, there's no problem here. Of course, thousands and thousands of living things are dying, the livelihoods of people are being destroyed, and the US government looks relatively dumbfounded. Hardly surprising considering how many of the people in politics come from big business, get funding from it, and go to bed with big business undies on. I doubt that there will be any real consequences for BP, though of course, there should be.

Occasionally, I am struck, while reading and hearing all this stuff, just how powerless the average person is. Outside direct violence--which lets face it, isn't going to happen--there's no real outlet for people to voice their frustration. Politics is essentially the same hand puppet of companies, with the Left and Right being only slight shades of each other. Not that voting would help here. But, struggling to pay bills, working grey jobs, families, weekends that last barely enough time, and the rest of the endless things that average people have to concern themselves with getting by... how would they change it if they wanted? A lot of the options that exist--by different, abstain, etc.--strike me as just being the same as the politics I find so disillusioning. You get shades. There's no real change.

Yet, you know, there are people around the world much, much worse off than even the worse of us reading this right now (well, unless you happen to be kidnapped, have had your legs amputated, and are being forced to read this by your captives--I feel for you if it is the case). Whenever I start thinking how powerless that I am as an individual in this society I live in, I think of people who can't get medicine, running water, and whose leaders break into their homes when they show some kind of dislike.

I guess some days are just more cynical than others, huh?


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