Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Metrophilias, Brendan Connell

A copy of Brendan Connell's new book, Metrophilias arrived last week, and I've been meaning to plug it a bit here, because it's neat. It's published by Better Non Sequitur and you can pick it up there, or over at Amazon if you'd prefer.

Metrophilias is a slim book, containing thirty six short stories set in thirty six different cities. Sometimes they're funny, other times strange and other times they're touching. It is not a book that is so much about the cities that the stories it is set in, but about the people, emotions, and ways lives can be lived. I dug it, to be honest. I read it months ago, but since it's arrived I've been dipping in and out, here and there. A chapter takes a couple of minutes to read. I head off and do something else. I come back, hit another. 'Moscow' is about two men who met and one of them wanted to be eaten, while the other wanted to eat.

It's hard not to find something to like in Metrophilias and, even if he is a mate who he hangs round here leaving entries anonymously that he then has to log back in and out for, I reckon it's a book worth giving a look and a bit of cash to.

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