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The ways in which you can make money in this life, I've decided, are by and large an unappealing collection. I like the little business I set up for myself, but teaching High School is a touch on the repetitive side. The thought of having to discuss Blade Runner again gives me a nervous twitch.

Still, for the foreseeable future, this will be how I make a bit of cash, though I'm aware I can't live on it forever. I guess I don't really know where I'm going with this line of thought. Thinking aloud, working things out in my head, really. A few years back I remember getting an email from Neal Pollack, the author of Never Mind the Pollacks and other books. Now, I don't know Pollack--I think at the time I'd bagged out Jonathan Safran Foer's new novel, just because it struck me as kind of silly. Anyhow, Pollack tossed me a couple of emails, and in one of them, he asked me if I knew of any work that he could pick up, a concept that struck me as pretty funny, but somewhat enlightening since he had a bit of a name, and could, I'm sure, dig up more work than myself in this kind of situation. I haven't spoken to Pollack ever since then, but the little back and forth always stuck with me, so I made sure, when I got down to writing and trying to get by with it, that I always had another gig, something that did not rely upon literature at all, just because.

Teaching is a nice way to make cash, it must be said. Writing is always affected by moods and emotions and, if you hit a bad patch of life, that stuff takes a dive. But I tell you, education is a repetitive beast, and it gets a bit on the tired side sometimes.

Truthfully, I think I'd like to be independently weathy, right about now.


What do you mean, no?


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