Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

And You Thought it Smelt Bad on the Outside

I've been aware of the show Man vs. Wild for a while, but I'd never sat down and watched it until I was in Darwin. I suspect that everyone who lives up in the Territory is just sitting around, waiting for the day where they can pull out their knife, rip the intestines out of a camel, make a blanket out of its hide, and survive a sandstorm.

"What the fuck?" I hear you say?

Watch and learn, my friends:

It's a weird show. The presenter, Bear Grylls (his real name is Edward) gets dropped into a location, and he shows the audience how to get through it, should there be some kind of apocalypse or some shit, which would require you to drink your own piss or squeeze the water out of elephant shit. Despite this, it's an oddly directionless show, and Grylls going from one point to the other, and staying in the wild for a night. Usually he sleeps in some animal. But you can't stop asking yourself, while watching it, what the point of the show is?

It takes about ten days to film one of these episodes, and the local is scouted, situations organised. Dead sheep air dropped in, and so on and so forth, but that doesn't remove this air in the show that everything you're watching is really, really unnecessary.

Ah well.

It's funny at times, I'll give you that.


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