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quote: "hollywood had taught english schoolboys of my generation that america was a never-never land, where peter pan need never grow up."

victor burgin, Some Cities

there are images in every corner: movies, chocolate, women, men, babies, underwear, you name it, an image selling something. 'MY PARENTS ALWAYS SAID I'D GROW UP TO BE A HANDFUL' says one poster you can spot on the M4, and the woman in it is pushing her breasts forward. such subtle work in that poster. i figure it advertises underwear, but i can't be sure. but my point is that there are all these images, all of them selling the concept of youth and fun, mixed with films of youth and--more often than not--fun. this is, of course, hardly a new or even interesting concept. but it's what i thought of as i read that bit, of our world offering us all the never-never land hopes, all the joys of never growing up.

except for the signs that tell you not to speed. there is captain hook and his crocodile, waiting any child who drives too fast.

images images images. decorate the city, the buildings, the roofs, line them all with things that are unattainable for most. offer us never-never land so we buy the chocolate.
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