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Clash of the Titans

During the ads for Clash of the Titans, there was an ad that informed me that downloading was actually taking away the jobs of the men and women who were involved in the making of the film I was about to watch.

About half way through, I realised that this was not a warning to stop me from downloading, but a solution for what I was watching. I could actually be proactive and stop these awful remakes (or just plain awful films) from being made. I could ensure that the director and writers would never again be employed outside some kind of shit kicker job, wherein we could all go in, and say, 'So you were responsible for that film?" and then we could ridicule them. Or in desperation they could end up in a TV show where the object was to see who would survive the longest. Would it be the actors, or the director, or someone from costume? The winner, or shall we say, the survivor, would be allowed to go back to working in the entertainment industry, once their injuries and psychological damage done to them through their actions was repaired. No doubt, by then, the damage that was visited upon the world for putting out such awful films that lower the intelligence of the world, would be alleviated. Or, we'd have destroyed the film industry.

It would have another positive result, as well. Poor Liam Neeson's gambling problems, which have no doubt lead to him being in this film (and for his upcoming performance in The A-Team) need to be dealt with. He obviously has a problem that is not being addressed in his personal life. By no means the finest actor of his generation, he was, once upon a time, at least a passable figure who when he appeared on the screen did not reek of gin and desperation, as he does now. We have all watched the decline, through Star Wars and Ridley Scott, to now this. Gambling, as you no doubt know, causes destruction in many lives. When it becomes addictive, it is nothing short of a disease in the individual, and leads to the debasing of the individual's self respect. It is not uncommon for people to find themselves selling off their belongings, and selling off the belongings of their friends, or turning to prostitution, or, even in extreme cases, the remakes of films in Hollywood. These last are perhaps the often hidden predator, that attract the young, and are a place in which those with debts and addictions, can ply their trade so that their diseases remain hidden.

Clearly, downloading--and the resulting death sport--would help Liam Neeson.

I urge you, in fact, to go out now and download Clash of the Titans. I urge you to tell your friends. We, as a community, must act. We have waited too long. We are not hollow figures for which the wind blows through.


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