Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Polyphony Seven

Deb Layne (deborahlive) has announced that Polyphony Seven will be released, around July 1st. Here's the table of contents, followed by a link for you to purchase, because of course you should.

The Bravest Girl I Ever Knew
by Howard Waldrop

Dr. Black at the Red Demon Temple
by Brendan Connell

The Snow Queen
by Chris Clarke

Strange Mammals
by Jason Erik Lundberg

The Afterlife of Sorrow
by Mikal Trimm

Breaker of Thresholds
by George Zebrowski

The Seven Deadly Motels
by Bruce Holland Rogers

The Monster in the Field
by Steve Rasnic Tem

There is Something So Quiet and Empty
Inside of You that it Must be Precious
by Ben Peek

A Problem in Five Clocks
by Stephen Bush

Bear in Contradictory Landscape
by David J. Schwartz

by Eric Schaller

The Klepsydra
by Micheala Roessner

Captain Kid
by Kristin Livdahl

Loose Ends
by Jerry Oltion

The Possibility of Love
by Stephanie Campisi

Grief-Stepping to the Widower's Waltz
by Ken Scholes

A Sip from the Cup of Enlightenment
by Sarah Totton

The Dust and the Red
by Darin C. Bradley

A Joy Forever
by Celia Marsh

The Heart of the Rail
by Mark Teppo

by Eric M. Witchey

Avoiding the Cold War
by Josh Rountree

My title is still the longest one!


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