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Fantasy: the Great Spiritual Hope?

yes, the title is ironic.

but the point is worth noting, that fantasy, in its popularity, is a very spiritual genre: gods go walking, destiny takes place, and there's always a place for people after death. it's like a working copy of our world, if the christian god was being the kind of god that i suspect many would like. after all, who wouldn't like a god to show an interest in your life, and offer you the chance to set the world right for them?

the question for me, however, is just how spiritual a race are we? the answer, i think, is quite high. i remember reading that in the states, fifty six percent of the population were willing to vote for a gay president, while only ten percent were willing to vote for an atheist president. in austraila, we're not nearly as hung up over god and religion in politics, but it's interesting to note that the prime minister, as far i am am aware, has never been an atheist. not, of course, that any australian has the ability to vote for who will be prime minister, but that's neither here nor there, and an entirely different conversation that begins with, 'why i don't vote'.

back to the original conversation: taking as a yes that we are a spiritual bunch of humans, and that the majority of us believes in something, even as simple as the agnostic approach, then is it such a surprise to find that a genre which offers the interactions of god(s) is so popular?

this is, of course, just the question. it lacks the discussion, the conclusion, even the referencing of a well thought out argument.


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May. 13th, 2003 05:03 am (UTC)
I just figured, since I had commented on the science fiction post, I should jump over here.

So where do you place the decidedly non-spiritual Harry Potter and the Earthsea books?

May. 13th, 2003 05:25 am (UTC)
well, there will always be exceptions, and i have to admit i've not read harry potter, so i can't say about it, and i've read only one of the earthsea books (the first) in highschool, about... oh, man, ten years or so, i guess. i woulda been in year nine, eight... that's more than ten years...

but, as i sit here, stretching the kinks out of my aging back (heh), i remember the people who have gotten bent out of shape about harry potter, all those christians, you know? and while there may not be a high spirituality in the book, taping into mythical creatures, being able to cast spells and such, that does reach into a form of spirituality, only from another angle, perhaps.

i'm not so sure about that, though. certainly i think that mythological creatures bring forth a touch of spirituality in the same way that fictional walking gods do.
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