Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Above & Below

In case you missed it yesterday, later this year will see the publication of Above & Below a double novella published by 12th Planet Press. I'll be sharing the book with the always lovely Stephanie Campisi.

The story is set after a city in the sky falls to the ground, and Above, Steph's novella, deals with what happens in the floating cities of Loft. Mine, entitled Below, deals with what happens in Dirt, where the city crashes. One of the neat tricks we're doing for the book is making sure that each piece folds onto the other, reinforcing each story, and adding more depth--what you'll end up with, hopefully, is a small novel, and one that will reward the reader no matter which side he or she begins on.

Should be neat, I reckon.

Tags: above/below
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