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parking lots look like they were designed by ants: passages left and right, up and down, air circulating through, and whatever else ants have in their nests. a queen? in this case it would be the big corporate empire, cradled in the middle.

did you know, that the more ants that are in one place, the more intelligent they become? it's true. find one ant on it's lonesome and it's got basically no intellect, while if you chuck a whole heap together, it starts adding. rumour has it, in fact, that the total mass of ants in the world would outweigh the total mass of humans, so you could suppose that in deep in the earth somewhere, there is a ant community plotting to overthrow us all. unless their pacifists.

this is, of course, completely unlike humans, who the more you put in one place, get less intelligent. have you ever asked how a capitalist society came around? i figure that one day everything was free, and there was a town meeting where someone said, 'hey, lets barter to make things more interesting?' and everyone went along, thinking, yeah, why not barter? it's not like we're just sharing already, i want some possessions. a house. a mortgage. and a dishwasher. god, i want a dishwasher. i can just see it. tsk.


have you ever noticed how out of place construction work looks in one? it's true. perhaps because the idea that repairs and upkeep must be done to a parking lots might remind everyone's mind of what would happen if this didn't happen. i wonder if they pay people? maybe there is a secret group of men and women who are driving around in trucks, moving from parking lot to parking lot, keeping everything in smooth and, when there are blemishes, covering them up like a well paid team of makeup artists.

the ants would be proud, i think.

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