Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Tony Abbott

Obviously, I have awoken in a crazy, fucked up world in which Tony Abbott is now the leader of the opposition party:

Mr Abbott scraped through a narrow party room vote, beating Malcolm Turnbull by one vote, 42-41.

Joe Hockey was considered a favourite to win the ballot but in a surprise result was knocked out in the first round of votes, winning the support of only 23 of his colleagues to Tony Abbott's 35 and Malcolm Turnbull's 26.

The subsequent run-off saw the conservative Sydney politician pick up a razor-thin majority of the party room to become the 13th Federal Liberal Party leader since its establishment.

It appears that Abbott has scraped through as leader by being the head of men and women who don't believe in climate change, which I have to admit, must be a bitter pill for Malcolm Turnbull to swallow, given that all he was trying to do was put the party on the populist line on the issue. If you've never heard of Abbott--and a better life than mine you have had--then you might not know him as the very conservative Catholic who has a reputation for claiming that abortion is a national issue, cancer patients should wait, and being a general rat bag piece of shit, as we like to say.

Every other political leader in Australia must be having a party right now. Kevin Rudd can probably cut his election funding down to five bucks, a homeless guy outside Central trainstation, and a piece of cardboard that says, "I Plan to Steal From Your Children."


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