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The Cool

All my students tell me that Twilight isn't cool any more. I usually respond by telling them that it never was.

It's just humour on my part, since I never considered reading the book. S described the series to me as a girl thing and I was good enough with that. Plus, the vampire sparkled. Whenever someone told me that I couldn't help but grin, so I was never in line to be the audience for the book, which I'm sure everyone involved with the book is fine by. However, for a brief moment, Twilight was the thing, and before it became huge, a bunch of students wouldn't stop talking about it; it's somewhat surprising to see how quickly the audience has turned on it. I'm told some of it has to do with Meyer's herself, some of it on the fact that the main character is reportedly pregnant with the sparkling vampire's baby in the fourth book, and because of the Mormons. It's probably all that and that fact that the book became too cool, to the point that its original audience took one look at popularity and said, "You know, fuck this, I'm going back to obscure bands, fan fiction, and TV series in different languages."

This happened a little to Rowling's Harry Potter, but not as much. Part of that, I think, was because the age in which the readers were introduced to the Potter books was a lot younger than the age that the Meyer books were pitched. Of course, I could be entirely wrong--there might be no good reason for why Rowling didn't get the backlash other than luck or a good publicist. I mean, there was some, but it mainly came in the form of new readers, coming in as the books were finished, and who would say things like, "Fuck this, gimme Howl's Moving Castle."

Ah well.



I don't know how it works, but whatever gets them reading A Clockwork Orange, I guess.


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