Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

True Blood

Out of idle curiosity, I watched the first two episodes of True Blood, the HBO vampire series set in Louisiana.

It's actually not bad, I thought, though the episodes I saw drifted from being interesting to being cheesy, quite often in the same scene. Most of the latter was around Bill, the vampire who returns to where he has grown up, and Sookie, the poorly named, telepathic barmaid. Set two years after vampires have come out on national television, and can buy their blood legally and easily, Bill is the first vampire to come to the small town that Sookie lives in, and being unable to read his mind, she becomes fascinated with him. If not for the, frankly, laughable ways that Bill is introduced in the first scenes--queue dramatic music, brooding shots--the relationship between the two would be a lot easier to connect with earlier, but to the credit of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, it does begin to work. It is another older man, younger woman relationship, however, and a part of me, while watching it, wondered what the interest was in having that as one of the staples for the vampire romance was? Or if it was some sort of commentary on society as a whole--you can be 200 years old, drink blood, and date eighteen year old girls if you're a man, but if you're a woman who does that, you're nothing but some kind of ultra cougar, and thus evil as evil can be.

Well, perhaps not, but the line made me laugh.

For me, the series location, and the way it sits nicely with the concept of an exposed vampire culture, won me over quickly, though I am at a loss to explain how it works, other than I thought that the two sat nicely in the episodes. I'm not sure if that will hold up enough for an entire series, but I reckon I'm willing to give it a shot.

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