Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Today's Fucked Up Things

This is a story I heard this morning in the car:

A MAN who allegedly raped his daughter almost daily for 30 years, kept her as a virtual prisoner and fathered her four children has been charged by Victorian police.

In a case as horrific as Josef Fritzl's decades of abuse of his daughter in Austria, child welfare advocates have called for a full inquiry amid claims authorities failed to investigate despite being warned 30 years ago.

A source close to the case claimed it could be "every bit as bad . . . (as) the Josef Fritzl case; especially the fact that she had so many children to her father."

Neighbours of the family said they had suspicions of abuse but did not go to the authorities because they did not want to cause trouble.

The victim's mother claims to have been unaware of any abuse, despite sharing a house with her daughter, husband and grandchildren until 2005.

My first thought was, fuck me, how could this happen twice anywhere in the world?

Of course, it probably happens more than these two examples, but just hearing about them makes me think of the world being such a cold and horrible place, and it only gets worse when I read about more abductions and rape (the girl, for example, in the States who was recently found after being abducted twenty odd years ago).

I've been kind of looking at this article, too, and trying to think of something insightful to say. In the local news there's a lot of coverage given to a old paedophile who was relocated to Ryde after abducting, raping three kids in the eighties. It's hard to get a proper feel for the case since I often waver between thinking, well, fuck you for what did, and you deserve what you get, and the opinion that I usually have for people who have done their time, which is that they're entitled to their freedom and to be left alone. And, as I have thought about the previous story, this one keeps coming up in my head, and there's just nothing to really say, there really isn't.


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