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My Morning Jacket.

my morning jacket are a band i found purely by accident. it had to be that way, because you can't buy their stuff in australia. if the truth were to be told, i download a copy of their song 'i will be there when you die' thinking it was a godspeed you black emperor song. their lead singer does sound a lot like guy who does occasional vocals, though these can be seen in a silver mt. zion. i imagine that this circle of reasoning is baffling, so i'll just stop there: i found my morning jack by accident.

they're american, from tennessee, if online reviews at pitchforkmedia are right. their music is a soulful blues/folk with occasional hints of country here and there. but that's okay, because american country is not australian country, which is, by default, atrocious. if you don't believe me, track down these singers: lee kernagan, slim dusty, and kasey chambers.

(oh ho ho: is that a kasey chamber's fan i see bristling over there? well, fuck you. her voice sounds like a dying cat and her songs have this disturbing christian undertone throughout.)

but back to my morning jacket. a couple of weeks after i downloaded a bunch of their stuff, i was driving to work and heard their song 'lowdown' on jjj, played, apparently, because dave grohl from the foo fighters was pushing them while he was here. so i have some hope that we might get an album released, which'll save me buying one online.

if you're interesting in downloading some, i recommend 'at dawn' 'death is my sleazy pay' 'bermuda highway' and 'the dark'.

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