Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek


Last week, the video card on my computer shat itself out. A cripple came and replaced it, according to the warranty.

A few days later, the dryer stopped working. In the morning, I discovered the lights and the telephone had also done so, which meant a blown fuse. I fixed it, only to have it blow again, and so I had to replace it--which was an annoying, since not a lot of people carry those, or so I soon found out.

On Sunday, at a set of lights, I heard a guy call out.

I turned, gazed at the giant silver side of an SUV, then lifted my gaze to the window, where a guy in his late forties sat, the wires of his dental work showing as he spoke. "Mate, do you know that you don't have one brake light on your car?"


"Mate, if someone runs up the back of you, you'll know why."

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