Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Americans Refer to it as a Student Loan

It's always good to see my HECS debt. I could never afford to pay for Univeristy, so I did the deferred payment method, which was HECS. I believe it might be called HELP now. Either way, I did my BA and my honours on it, though my PhD was oddly enough free if I did it in four years. Anyhow, the HECS debt that I have is addressed to Dr Peek and it keeps gaining interest every year. Perhaps one day I'll be in a position to begin paying it off, but until then, it's like an old friend, growing fatter with the passing of time.

In other news, Placebo released an album that sounded like Placebo, which is both good and bad. I liked Meds more.

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