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police police police.

police are important in any city. they are, someone wrote, the only natural things of a city, which is by definition an unnatural construction. which would mean that the police are an unnatural construction in the end, and overall, i'd rather agree. but then i am no real fan of anyone or anything that is placed above me by society.

the police as a creation often represent mainstream political thought, and it's laws and rules are created from these ideologies. but the people who uphold this law, those who work in the police station, are people who must place the law before their own morals, and be able to follow it when the law changes. if tomorrow a law came out that said all drugs were legal, the police would have to follow this. it seems to me to be an odd thing to place a government sponsored rule above your own moralities, and i wonder how this sits with police themselves?

in fairness, police have a nasty job. i'd never do it. rolling through the streets, having to uphold something that is essentially hollow, and give it meaning.

it may be that police are doomed to be flawed. they are, after all, just human, and because of this, they have the same prejudices, fears, entertainment's as most people. if you think about it, the majority of police are probably listening to popular radio stations, waiting for jimmy barnes and cold chisel to come on. they probably go home to a family unit, a few beers, and money problems. you know, what the majority of the world goes home too. they probably wish they could lock away their inlaws. who knows. the point is they're just as flawed as most, but unfortunately take on the face of the government, and are responsible for upholding their laws.

police police police. who in their right mind would become a cop?

i once overheard this story of an initiation rite where they got the new folks lined up and sprayed on of their eyes with mace.

let it be said, that if i ever need the police, that they send the officer who said, no, don't spray me in the eyes with mace. it will hurt.

the back of police cars smell of leather and metallic oil, and the front of them are generally jammed with things from night sticks to empty cartoons of food. i can't remember if i ever saw a pump action rifle like is in that american show Cops. but i remember that smell.

at night, you can hear the sirens ignite, and tear along the roads. sometimes i wonder where they are going? most of the time i don't. i've seen them come to my next door neighbours, and i've seen them go down the end of the street. i've seen a few arrive for robberies.

in the bloodstream of a city, the police is suppose to be the antibodies. but for so many minorities, this is not the case.

one final thought on police: have you ever noticed that in films and novels that have strong city links to them, the protagonist is that of a cop or a private detective? in the 20th and 21st centuries, perhaps more, since cities have become full blown, is it perhaps fair to say the true narrators of the city are the police?

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