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last night, i went and saw audioslave play.

i never really got into soundgarden, though i always wanted too. chris cornell has that voice, afterall. but i always liked rage against the machine: lyrically interesting, musically fascinating. when they came together to form audioslave, i was pleased, even if lyrically chris cornell didn't match zach de la rocha. (i could have his name wrong there.) but hey, two different guys, and, ultimately, two different bands.

and audioslave is a band. to see them on the stage is to watch them as a band, not some media empire creation as they have been labelled. the band, especially cornell, feed on the crowd: where cornell first stepped out last night, and the crowd roared, he was grinning. it was good, the grin said.

they're a big band, with a big budget. fantastic lighting is the most obvious result of this. they're also the band audioslave not soundgarden, not rage against the machine. there was not one cover of a song from this bands, and i think, ultimately, they're better for it. (and they're songs, you know, are pretty good for screaming along with and throwing yourself into the moshing crowd; or bopping along with the pot heads in the middle of the sea of bodies, which is where i found myself after a while.)

audioslave have a huge amount of energy on stage, and it translates to the audience. at one stage, cornell had the crowd singing the australian national anthem, though for what purpose, other than he wanted to hear it, i can't imagine. (maybe we're all just chris cornell's bitches when he's taking centre stage. though maybe he just thought it'd be fun after slapping an australian flag sticker on his chest.)

probably the highlight of the show, other than some fine versions of 'cochise', 'shadow of the sun', an acoustic intro of 'i am the highway' and much others (it was all good) was the song where cornell recorded the crowd screaming on a hand held tape recorder, and then, in the middle of a song, played the screaming into the mike as he sung into it. the end product was fucking cool.

so: audioslave: if you get the chance, go. the album seems dull for the next few days, which is always the sign of excellence.


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Apr. 28th, 2003 07:46 am (UTC)
Oh joy!
I feel culturally stunted. Its not that we don't get bands in South Florida. We get plenty of that. Tons, even. Our "alternative" rock station does a lot for promoting all the tons of bands that come down here, and this past weekend was one of the heights of their concertisms. They had a USO Salute the Troops show. Aside from the political ramifications, they had 20-30 or so bands on various stages performing throughout one afternoon and into the late night. All of the bands are rock-oriented, though there was a stage setup for latin-rock bands. (Not latin dance, actual latin rock - some of which sounds much like the english-speaking equivalent.)

I feel culturally stunted because I feel that less than 2% of the gay community in my area would ever imagine going to such a show. If there are more of them, I have never seen it. Not that I know the entire gay community! It's probably not as miserable as I let on, but it's annoying anyway.
Apr. 28th, 2003 05:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Oh joy!
gay, straight, amphibian, you should just snag someone to take. you might even find a punk band with two male singers that fondle their genitals and rub their hands over each other faces, while ripping off their clothes, thus leaving you with the impression that you just might have watched and heard gay punk, which, you realise, was something you never considered existing before.

of course, you might be forced to admit that such a band wasn't all that good after a while, but still, you only paid fifteen bucks and they were worth that.
Apr. 30th, 2003 10:39 am (UTC)
Re: Oh joy!
That's mighty specific for a "You might even find..." type of reference. Sounds like you're familiar with the phenomenon. Of course, I'm the sort of person who ends up in that situation, myself. Many years ago, I went to a They Might Be Giants concert (certainly not the same category as Audioslave or RATM) and ended up kissing this one guy for half the night. He started it. He was inebriated, but not so much that he wasn't capable of making his own decisions. (He used to say he was straight, then he'd say he was willing to blur the line, so long as a woman was present. In this case, there wasn't a woman.) Even his hands were rather busy, but it was a concert, and it didn't go any further than that. (He switched back to saying a woman had to be present. Eventually.)

Still... it was a very weird concert, in addition to the group on stage.

That brings up another thought: In so many areas, sexuality becomes blurry. There are tons of people who don't see it or understand it, and don't think it exists. I mean, most people seem to think that "You're straight, unless you've had sex with the same sex. Then you're gay or lesbian." Even some gays or lesbians think this way. I've known a large handful of people who've had sexual relations with the same sex, and don't consider themselves gay or even bisexual. They've just ... sort of... done it before. Whether or not they want to do it again. They have their preferences, they just aren't bothered by categorization. Still, the bulk of people I know would still label these people as gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or just confused. (even in cases where they aren't confused, just flexible)

Ahhh... chalk it up to the preconceived societal roles and images.
May. 1st, 2003 05:21 am (UTC)
Re: Oh joy!
i'm not an expert on the politics of sexuality, but i've always thought people paid to much attention to the titles under which they fall, being straight, gay, bi, whatever. the problem with this, i figure, is that being straight or being gay comes with a whole bunch of reconceived ideas, a lot of them relating to morals and others relating to how people get through the day. (and of course, that's a simple thing of me to say, but just in this example, i'll focus on them.)

so saying you're straight doesn't just mean you fuck the opposite sex, but, in some cases, it can also mean that you're not some kind of 'deviant' who wears pink shirts and knows what goes with what in a autumn line of fashion. (not that you'd wear a pink shirt in autumn, i hope.) and what i reckon the hurdle for most people is just coming to grip with all the other meanings that fall beneath being gay, or bi. and really, if you just want to snog away with some guy or girl without having to face those questions and you're way of dealing with it is to say 'oh, just adventurous, or there should be a girl around (or guy)' then fair enough i say.

which, you know, is probably a long winded way of me saying, yep, chalk it up to society.

and yes, that band was specific. i forget their name, but i was kind of disappointed that they didn't start going at it on stage, as, early on, that's what they promised. but the crowd were not behind the two male sexual ambiguity act, and the two singers calmed down about half way through. to be honest, i didn't want to see them go at it either, but if you're going to start that kind of thing, run it through to the end. afterall, if i don't like it, i'll leave.

but no. ironically, i think two female singers would've been praised for their shocking brand of lesbian punk... rather than the silence that greeted the song 'porno mag (or whatever it was called; the chorus was about porn)' and one guy rubbing the stain of his sweaty genitals over another guy's face.

perhaps i'm just a progressive sort of punk listener, willing to have my card of life stamped once for most things.
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