Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The Exam Questions

Apparently, it is true: an extract from Black Sheep has appeared in a literacy test in Germany.

Hey Ben,

it’s right, what Lisa said. In the final exams for the subject “English basic course” you can choose two topics:
One was a globalization text and the other one was your dystopian novel. I chose it ;-). It was the extract, where Isao is send to prison.
1.) You should write the situation of Isao and what his crime was.
2.) Analyse the extract (atmosphere, language etc.)
3.1) Write a comment with the today’s problem with Multiculturalism.

That's cool, innit? I always thought it'd be really lame to have a book involved in any kind of English department around the world, but I guess I got to admit that it's pretty cool to have folk forced to read my work. Though I guess I'm a bit sorry that it inspires such questions.

I wonder how it even made it to an exam, though? I mean, the book hasn't been published in Germany and it doesn't have any distribution in the country it was published. I don't think I would ever have put money on the copies that got sold making it to Germany and someone who designs exams, but it's a strange and cool world, and however it got there is alright by me.

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