Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Limits of Control and Radio Wars (and Zombies, Oh My)

I am currently listening to Howling Bells' new album, Radio Wars. I can't say that I loved their first album, at least not to the point that I thought everyone should listen to it, but I did like it well enough and it has remained on my rotation since I first picked it up a few years back in 2006. Not many albums do that, so I picked up the new one, and all I can say so far is that I don't love it, but I might like it well enough.

You may have noted that things have been quiet around here, and that's just due to things being busy. Give me a bit and things'll return to normal.

However, here's something amusing. One of my students is writing a zombie script. He's in year seven, and he and his friends have decided that they're going to make a zombie film, and he is going to write and direct it and then load it up onto youtube later. We can take bets on how far they'll get into this, but as the tutor who is always looking for new ways to keep things moving, I grabbed hold of this. Movies! Scripts! Zombies! I currently have him watching zombie films and writing his script, and learning about film techniques. The best bit, however, is the motivations for the making of this film. There is, of course, artistic merit. The whole wanting to make a zombie film with your friends and everything is the main reason, but the second one is that one of my student's friends wants to kiss this girl in their year. In the time honoured tradition of elaborate and unnecessary plans that do not result in kissing, and which all teenage boys indulge in once or twice, they have come up with the zombie film. Reportedly the girl has agreed to the end scene kiss.

Speaking of films, Jim Jarmusch's new flick, Limits of Control, has a trailer that I just saw:

Jarmusch's last film, Broken Flowers, was an intimately boring thing that I hope was a blip on the radar, since I've long been a big fan of Mystery Train, Down by Law, Ghost Dog, Dead Man, and other flicks that he made. Fortunately this one looks promising.


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