Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The Suicide Recruiter (Or So the BBC Said)

Suspected militant recruiter Samira Jassim reportedly calls herself "the Mother of Believers".

Detained in January by Iraqi security forces, the mother of six is accused of converting dozens of vulnerable women into suicide attackers.

In an apparent video confession, the middle-aged woman described how she identified potential bombers, helped supply them with explosives and led them to their targets.

She also explained, in a separate interview with the Associated Press, how insurgents used rape as a tool, with the "shamed" women persuaded to redeem themselves through suicide attacks.


That claim was impossible to verify, AP said, and during their interview with her police interrogators sat in an adjoining room.

But in a culture where rape is considered very shameful for the victim, it is not implausible, correspondents say.

I wonder how true this is?

To a degree, there's no doubt a truth: I don't find it particularly hard to believe that raped women can be manipulated into walking into a building with explosives later. It's sad, but true.

But I wonder about this so called militant recruiter, of who very little information is given in the article. Even the writing at the start of the piece give syou reason for doubt, but there's more. There's no reason for how she ended here, no reason why she would willingly convince women to do this. There's probably a slant put on the article to make it appear as if she's using the women that she recruits. There was probably never going to be, but still, I'd like it.  When it comes to suicide bombing, however, there's a mild indignation that runs through the Western news, as if to say that this couldn't possibly happen here in this civilized world. It only happens in places when morals are lacking. Also, tanks. And new machine guns. And military might.

At any rate, a slight digression. I just found the idea to be interesting, in that sad way. The picture of Samira Jassim is telling, too: half pale from a veil, I suspect, that was worn regularly, eyes that look like they've just given up on whatever, a straight line for lips, and the rest of her lost in the black. She's a face, but there's nothing victorious there.



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