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Wheatland Press

From Deb Layne, the publisher of Wheatland Press:

I have emailed a more detailed announcement of this to authors and others affected by the news, but I thought I had better post it here myself before it hits the blogosphere from some other source.

Due to current financial uncertainties, I have made the decision to place Wheatland Press on hiatus for 2009.

What this means is that I will publish no new books during 2009 (including Polyphony 7). I will continue to fill orders on existing titles and will keep those titles available through Amazon and Barnes &

The exception to that is if authors of existing titles wish to reclaim their rights and ask me to pull their titles from inventory. I am willing to do that.

In the mean time, I will explore ways to put Wheatland Press on a firmer financial footing including, but not limited to, seeking external funding via arts councils, seeking partnerships with other presses, etc. I hope the break will allow me to return to a regular publishing schedule in 2010.

I do plan to be at Wiscon and Armadillocon (and possibly WFC) with copies from the current Wheatland Press catalogue in the dealer rooms.

Thank you for your support.

I like Deb.

My mate, Cas, he likes Deb too. When we were in the States the pair of them went off to watch college football. Maybe it was high school football. Either way, it left me scratching my head. But that's the kind of cool Deb is: capable of finding a sporting event in the middle of a desert, and the one guy in a thousand who'd slaughter the camel for it's blood to sustain them through the trip. If you feel like making the <3 symbol, you make it for Deb.

Wheatland Press are also the publisher of 26Lies, and many fine other books (Lucius Shepards Weapons of Mass Seduction, the feminist collection The Nine Muses, Forrest Aguirre's Swans Over the Moon, and the Polyphony series). You could do much worse than picking up a few books by them.


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