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The other night I was surfing the news, and saw a piece that talked about how Israel and Palestine have been using the web as their propaganda devices in this war, cutting out the 'real' media so they can report 'evenly' on what is happening. I put the little quote marks around the words because, lets face it, very few news outlets would warrant the words without them. Still, out of curiosity, I went and tracked down some of these blogs, in part to be horrified, in part because of the distinction between the two. Since I couldn't remember the exact details, I spent a bit of time trolling google seeing what I could find--and in the case of the Israeli perspective, there wasn't a whole lot. A lot of the news reports have a slight condemnation of the country for what it's doing, and wikipedia has a list of rocket and mortar attacks in 2008. Below is December:

December 3rd
At least four Qassam rockets and 15 mortar rounds were fired from the Gaza Strip at the western Negev. Islamic Jihad's Al-Quds Brigades claimed responsibility. One mortar attack damaged an Israeli power cable being used to transfer electricity to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

December 6-7th
At least 20 Qassam rockets and mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip hit the western Negev over the weekend. One Qassam landed near a Sderot school.

December 12th
Two rockets launched from the Gaza Strip hit open space in Israel a week before a truce is set to expire. The Qassam rockets launched Friday landed in open areas and caused no damage.

December 16th
At least six Qassam rockets and a mortar shell hit Israel hours after Israeli troops killed an Islamic Jihad commander in the West Bank. One of the rockets fired landed in the soccer field of Sderot's Sapir College. Several people were treated for shock. Following the attack, Israel defense Force troops hit a Qassam launcher in northern Gaza.

December 17th
A Qassam rocket struck the parking lot of a shopping center in Sderot, injuring three Israelis. At least 18 rockets and 6 mortar shells were fired this day on southern Israel, 48 hours before the truce between Israel and the Hamas expired.

December 18th
Hamas declares the end of the 6 Month Truce with Israel. Three rockets are fired at Israel by the Al-Quds Brigades.

December 19th
The cease fire agreement ends. During the six month cease fire 329 rockets and mortar shells were fired. For the six months prior to the truce 2278 rockets and mortars were fired into Israel.

December 21st
At least 50 rockets and mortars struck southern Israel since a cease-fire with Hamas ended on December 19th. Rockets landed in Ashkelon's industrial zone, near an elementary school, a youth cultural center in the western Negev and a home in Sderot. A foreign worker was injured. In response, Israeli forces struck at least two rocket launchers in Gaza.

December 22nd
Three Qassam rockets were fired at Israel on Monday afternoon and evening, while Hamas had mostly stopped launching rockets at Israel for 24 hours at the request of Egypt.

December 23rd
At least five Qassam rockets fired from the Gaza Strip struck the western Negev.

December 24th
More than 60 Qassam rockets and dozens of mortar shells struck homes, factories and a playground in southern Israel. Two longer ranged Grad-type missiles struck a public area in northern Ashkelon. Homes in Kibbutz Shaar Hanegev and Sdot Negev suffered serious damage from direct hits. A rocket also struck next to a playground in Netivot. One factory in the western Negev was hit twice. Several people in those areas were treated for shock.
Two Palestinians were hurt when a rocket that did not clear the security fence at the border landed on a home in a northern Gaza town.

December 26th
A dozen rockets and mortar bombs were fired from Gaza into Israel, one accidentally falling short and striking a northern Gaza house and killing two Palestinian sisters, aged five and thirteen, while wounding a third.

December 27th
A 58 year old man was killed when a rocket from Gaza hit his apartment in Netivot. Also, the Israeli Air Force launched a large surprise attack on Hamas facilities in Gaza. At least 225 persons are killed, primarily Hamas personnel. The attack was launched in mid-morning in order to catch Hamas personnel at their normal posts. The Israelis call these attacks Operation Cast Lead. Hamas fired 130 Qassam rockets.

December 28th
Hamas fired 20 Qassam rockets.

December 29th
A 27 year old man was killed when a grad type rocket hit a construction site in Ashkelon. Hamas later claimed responsibility for the attack. Additionally, a 38 year old warrant officer was killed by a mortar when it hit a military base near Nahal Oz. Also, the same day, a 39 year old women was killed when a rocket hit Ashdod. Several others were wounded along with her.

Wikipedia, as always, is never to be taken as an infallible source of information, but I found it interesting to read. It's hard to look at it and say that Israel should just laugh, and shrug it off, since the attacks are continual, and within that is a psychological impact on its residents. However, the blogs from inside the Gaza Strip reveal a different scene:

8th of January -13th day of the Israeli Tttack against Gaza

720 are killed
including :-
215 children
89 women
12 1st aid health workers

more than 3000 are injured many with serious injuries

11 ambulances were attacked and destroyed while on duty

health workers are not allowed to evacute many of the injured ,in many occasions
the medical teams face new sort of burns , their is a possibility that israel uses white phosphorus against civilians ,INVESTIGATION IS NEEDED AT ONCE .
health teams in Gaza need to be assisted , as they are overwhelmed with the increasing numbe rof the casualities and lack of supplies and electricity ,
new born babies inside the hospitals are under great threat , due to power flactuation in the special care baby units SCBU

43 were killed inside one of the UN schools , were those fleed to the school ,as their homes were under heavy shelling or destroyed ,the Un asked for immediate investigation and denied Israeli claim of the presenc eof armed men inside the school

no electricity in Gaz a
80%of areas have no water , due to the destroyment of the infra structure , due to the heavy shelling
70%of tleecommuniucations are destroyed too

yestreday Israeli army allowed 3 hours of ceasfire , so the civilians can go to get their supplies
,but there were no enough bread , vegetables , meat , grosseries and no cash with the population , and thousands are homeless!

thousands of Rafah citizens at the moment are homelss, have been evacuated , and thie rhomes were demolished at the southern part of rafah on the borders ,.

iam indirect contact with my fellow doctors in gaz a, but may be i will lose this contact soon ,as the communications is getting less , and this will lead to real catastrophy on the level of evacauting of the injured

PRAY FOR US this is usual messege i recive from friends , neibghors and relatives in Gaza

thank you all for your solidarity , friendship , and humanatarian concern

The last part there comes from a blog called From Gaza, with Love, and is apparently written by Dr. Mona El-Farra, and 54 yer old physician living in Gaza at the moment. The images come from a blog called Stop the Seige on Gaza, and which offers you a wall of images, each of them tragic, and interspersed with images of the Israeli military that look almost tranquil in comparison. Both are clearly aimed to put you on their side, clearly aimed to make you feel for them, and it's hard not too, and hard, indeed, to think that the Israeli response has been anything but awful.

Anyhow, take a tour round them, and come to your own conclusion, or don't. Whichever way you end, it's an awful thing, and a lot of people just trying to get by and getting hurt.


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