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The TV Says

Flip on the news, learn that Israel has rolled into Gaza, having shut down the power, and send in their helicopters, their soldiers, their funded military might.

I tend to be more sympathetic towards the Palestinians, but only because I fall on the side of underdogs when I'm not emotionally invested; otherwise, I tend to think there's no right or wrong side in the whole mess it is. It has been going a long time. It'll go on for a long time. My opinion ultimately comes down to a knowledge that people are dying for something that'll be around a long time after they're dead, and it's just sad--but I'm hear, in a house in Sydney, with the air con turned up. I got it pretty easy, just like a lot of people with air conditioning do. What I do find interesting, however, is watching the coverage. Tonight they showed an Israeli training camp that had been built to resemble the warren of the Gaza Strip. Months of preparation said one station; another simply said nothing about that. When it came to the Palestinians, however, there was a lot of 'we think' and 'they will have' but no actual images of training camps. The person on the television seemed particularly disturbed by the fact that the strip would be trapped. Oh my god! We're sending in tanks and they're not going to like that! After these maybes and perhaps, the reporter added, as if it were an after thought, that they Palestinians had light weapons, nothing compared to the largely American made Israeli military.

I go through phases watching the news, because of this exact thing. Everyone is presenting an angle, creating a fiction built upon half truths, or a truth build upon fictions, whatever you like. Occasionally it gets to me, that we all live in a world where we are pretty much manipulated on a daily basis to get us to think, feel, and purchase someone else's opinion.

Maybe if they gave me fries with it, I'd be good.


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