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"This is an awesome fucking show," Cas said to me. "I love it."

He was talking, of course, bout the show Dexter, a kind of crime show where the protagonist is a serial killer who only kills serial killers. I kind of hedged around the thing because the concept didn't really appeal to me--to be honest, it sounded cheesy and stupid--until one day he gave me the season one collection on DVD, and told me to watch it. Now, years ago, Cas discovered South Park, way the fuck before anyone had ever heard of it, before it became big, then small, then what it is now, and I love South Park, and he's never let me forget that he found it before me. When he tossed me the box set of Dexter, he went as far, even, to say that he had found South Park, and that I ought to listen to him because this new show is fucking awesome.

Yeah, well, it wasn't.

I'd like to say it wasn't, because that's how these narratives work, isn't it? You feel apprehensive about something, then you watch it, and it turns out to be sweet, but this wasn't the case. I was right: the concept was cheesy and stupid, and it wasn't helped at all by the fact that, in my opinion, the guy playing Dexter had all the charm and acting ability of a cardboard cut out. Also, he looked like a second rate Stephen Dorff. That should let you in on how much I thought about him. Every scene with the father and the young, just learning about his serial killer thing Dexter, set my teeth on edge because it rang so false and unconvincing. I figure the show is meant to be some kind of black comedy, and usually I can get into this, but I just couldn't. The sister annoyed me. The cops annoyed me. The girlfriend, a rape victim who fears sex, and enjoys Dexter's company because he's not into fucking (cause he's a serial killer), annoyed me also. I guess it's safe to say I didn't gel with the show, and that it just shat me, on all its levels.

Maybe you'll dig it, though. One of the guys I teach thinks it's awesome. He's using it in an essay about subversive genre use, and it is that, which I suppose a few people will get into, but way I figure, if you're going to create an anti-hero serial killer, you're going to have to do it differently to get my support.

But, since it's reportedly up to season four, it doesn't need me.

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