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Nowhere Near Savannah, Art by Anna Brown, Words by Ben Peek


It's as simple as that, no. You're wrong.

The fact that you call them terrorists only further underlines it.

You keep going back to this.

It's proof that you have no idea what you're talking about.

Fuck you.

Fuck me?

Yeah, fuck you.

Want me to say it again?

Say it all you want, but it doesn't change how wrong you are.

Fuck you.

Disneyland is the best terrorist target in America.

The fact that you don't see it is due to your entire misconception and romantic view of the subject.

How can you say that?

Do you see this child we're walking right past?

Did you just point at an eight year old?


His mum didn't look happy.

That's my exact fucking point.

Look, if you have a sudden thing for kids, man, I'm going to have to leave you here.

Children are sacred.



That so doesn't help you right now.

Why can't you accept the fact that the presence of children in Disneyland raises it not only as an acceptable target, but the best target for which to strike at the moral core of this country?

Thousands of dead children would create mass fucking hysteria.

I keep telling you: there's no fucking point to blowing up Disneyland.



Terror is not the fucking goal of terrorists.

Dude, I don't know what you been hearing since we got here, but terrorists hate their culture and only what to create terror.

Disneyland is the symbol of that shit and the best way to do it.


The line passes.

Take the fucking line passes for an example.

It's the perfect example of how money fucking changes everything in this country. See, if you have the money, you get the preferential treatment. Cashed up, you get to avoid all the wait and the fucking unnecessary presence of you're fellow human beings. It doesn't matter if you're good looking, if you save peoples lives, if you're a serial killer: cash changes the treatment you get.

That attitude has even translated into the world, and is the exact thing terrorists want to strike against: the excess.

How do you explain fat people, then?


If you're fucking fat enough here, you get to go to the front of the line as well.

Did you not see that dude being pushed around in a wheelchair by his kid? That kid must've been twelve and is pushing his Dad round in Disneyland, which as got to fucking suck as a memory, but both of them got ahead of us on the Toy Story ride.

That just supports my excess theory.

Which is where you're flawed in your argument: terrorism is not a strike against excess.

Fuck me, here we go again: terrorists are freedom fighters.

How can you believe that someone sits around thinking that they're evil, or a terrorist, or some shit like that?

I mean, do you realise how idiotic it sounds to actually think that someone, anyone, anywhere, sat round and said, “Someone has freedom. Someone has the money for a line pass. Lets take it away by plowing a 747 into them.” It's like a super villain who wants to destroy the world; it's a stupid concept because if it succeeds, they kill themselves as well, which makes all elaborate evil plans nothing but suicide plots.

No, man, terrorism is about politics, about making statements. That's why they pick political targets rather than swarms of sugar hyped white kids.

And dead adults say more than dead kids in your books?

Dead adults don't mean shit, that's why their buildings matter.

Fuck that.


And admit it, your desire to pick Disneyland as your target to create terror has nothing to do with the goals of your hypothetical terrorist cell, but rather because Charlie called you this morning and admitted to sleeping with Snake.


Which you have my sympathy for, but children shouldn't have to suffer for that.

It's fucking bullshit, is what it is.

Yeah, it is.

I mean—


Just what the fuck, y'know?


I thought we had a thing, man. I really did. It was a connection.

And I work with both of them.

It's all shit, man.

She could have waited, too.

She could've waited till I got back to tell me.

She could've done it to my face.

She could've waited till after she picked us up from the airport.

The worse part, man, you want to know the worse part?

There's a worse part?

I was looking forward to going back. I'd taken a shit, I'd finally got some movement in my fucking guts, and—

And I thought, when I get home, I can take another shit on my toilet and fuck my girlfriend and not doing anything but shit and fuck for two days.

But now you want to destroy Disneyland.


Also, I still say it makes a good target for terrorism.

Don't—don't get me started, man.


Shit, I am not here for this place.

Look at it, look at all these families, all this fucking colourful shit, all these parades.

Fucking hate them all.

We kind've fucked up by coming here on the public holiday thing, got to say.

It doesn't matter.

This place could be empty, and I'd still fucking hate it for the lie it is.

It's just an innocent fantasy, man.



The innocence is gone, isn't it?

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