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26Lies, Play the Favourite Chapter Game

More from students reading 26lies.


I didn't have a favorite entry from sections A-M (this is partially because I'm not actually enjoying this book. does everyone else actually like it? i kind of just feel like it has no point, I'm just reading a bunch of words. When we discussed it in class about all the entries that connected, I saw some connections that i hadn't realized when I read it. I hope that there are more and that he actually goes somewhere with his entries because i'm really not enjoying it as it is...)
But I did have a favorite section, like a good number of others i picked C.
I mean, if i'm reading a book of some guys opinions... and random facts about things i don't care about, I want it to at least be humorous... Cunt.... maybe as a female i wasn't supposed to enjoy this section as much as i did. Well, he did defend women saying that if he was a woman he wouldn't appreciate people saying a cunt is the "most disgusting word." But I think he just has a male state of mind. Us females found it amusing. It was weird at first, 10 entries on the same topic when all the other sections were floating around on random topics. It was pretty ridiculous, but I guess the funniest entries were the creative writing and the elementary school classes. When I think of "the c word" I think of "crap". Isn't that what it was when we were kids? Now they just have cunt, a womans private parts? When we were kids I remember "dickhead" was a pretty bad insult you used when you were mad at someone. Guys didn't find that too offensive... so the fact that "cunt is the most dirty word" doesn't actually offend women... well, most of us. i don't know, these are just all the things I thought about as Ben went on and on about cunts.


My favorite Ben Peek entry of course, was in chapter c. The reason I chose this entry is because it makes a good point in a clever funny way. The entry that I chose is the one where Ben Peek points out that it should be offending to women since the foulest word in English refers to female genitals.
Number one I agree with the point that it is offending or at least should be to women that Cunt is the worst word in the English dictionary. I loved the example when Peek imagines how he would feel if Cock was the worst word in the English dictionary. Using that example helps the male reader get a grasp on Peeks reasoning.
The second thing that I liked about this entry is that it is about the word Cunt. I have always thought that it is really offending, but never new why it should be so offending. Peek cleverly pointed out the real reason why cunt should be offending. Also I thought that this entry expressed Ben Peeks voice well. Overall I really liked chapter C. I am not sure if it is because I think the word Cunt is funny or if it is because of Ben Peeks thoughts on the word. Which ever it is section C is defiantly my favorite section.


Yes. I do like the portmanteau of "cunt" and "entries."

Ben Peek likes the infamous "c word," and so it is in this spirit that I will only be slightly squeamish about using the word cunt in this entry. Test the waters with it. Write a loveletter about it. Whatever.

Okay, so here is what I wrote on that scrapule of paper in class:

My favorite entry in Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth was the entire Cunt chapter. All of the entries had the same title, so I cannot easily distinguish one from another, but here is a summarizing rundown of the damned thing: Man likes word, "cunt;" man has students use word; man uses as insult; man uses as term of endearment; man has homosexual acquaintance who pretended to have a cunt for online sex channel; man goes into in-depth etymological discussion of cunt; man admits he is fascinated with word cunt; man doesn't like word slurry (nasty); man talks about puissance of cunt in other countries; cuntcuntcunt"

Then when I went back and looked, I was pretty much right, give or take some details. Those were irrelevant. Well, not really irrelevant, but less stand-outish. I really wrote as much. But is isn't droll. So I won't share it. How much more cuntries do you really want to hear about, anyway?


Ben Peek's "twenty-six lies/one truth" is a fictional autobiography. When asked what entry I liked best, I honestly could only remember one in any detail. That was the entire chapter on letter c. The beauty of the chapter was the continual use of the word cunt.

It's funny because I would have to say I picked the chapter for two reasons. First, this entry was 10 entries on cunt. Now everyone knows that cunt is seen as a taboo. Using the word in any formal setting would be completely inappropriate, albeit funny. So the use of this word was refreshing. Secondly, it was the only series of entries that I clearly remembered.

The etymology of cunt was probably the best entry of the chapter. It's always interesting to learn about how curse words became the awful, make-Jesus-cry words they are. I honestly disagree however with Peek's assumption that cunt is the worst word in the English language. I contend words like motherfucker or such are much worse. Also, anything that tears apart a person based on racial/physical differences.

So take back the word cunt. Using it to greet your best of friends.


One of my favorite entries in Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth was the entry entitled "Sanctity".

Sanctity is defined as something that is holy or sacred. According to the Church, sex should be saved until after marriage, and pre-marital sex isn't looking kindly upon. Since Peek doesn't hide his dislike of the church, this entry is somewhat of a contrast.

The subject of the entry is sex, more bluntly, the word fuck. He uses the word as a noun, adjective, verb, adverb and probably other parts of speech, and as far as I can tell, it's all used correctly. He goes on the the entry about different things you should not do (according to him) in regards to fucking. For example:

"Don't fuck dead bodies."

"Don't fuck animals."

"Don't fuck with food."

And the list goes on....

"Don't fucking make porn."

"Don't fucking cheat."

My favorite lines from this entry are the at the end: "Don't fuck for revenge. Don't fuck to pass the time. Don't fuck to fuck. Fuck that. Fuck sanctity. Fucking ruins everything."

Through these lines, you can hear Peek's voice and his opinions on the subject. I give him a lot of credit for not taking any crap from anyone about what he thinks and believes. But I have a question to pose to everyone which is up to interpretation. Read the entry. Then look at the last sentence. Does the word fucking refer to the the previous sentence, with the implied meaning "It fucking ruins everything." - OR - Does the word fucking stand on its own as the subject of the sentence?

From what I understand, the blogs have multiple posters, two or three on each. I'm not sure if there are other blogs out there from people taking the course, but if there are, be sure to leave me the link, as I am, absolutely, fascinated by what's going on here.

Apparently the rest of the book was read this week, so with any luck, there'll be more on that.

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