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Last night I decided to have a seat and start reading our assigned homework in twenty-six lies/one truth. I had planned on starting it, maybe reading the first half of the assignment, and then finishing it up the next morning (which, by the way, is this morning that I am currently living in) but, after I started I didn't really want to put it down. I took one break from reading the first half of this book and that was to get food because the dining hall was set to close soon. In short, I really enjoyed the first half of twenty-six lies/one truth. Ben Peek really gets to the cynical, realist core of things in a way that I respect, because he isn't, as many "cynics" are, overly pessimistic. There is a subtle, yet salient, difference between being a pessimist and a cynic. Fortunately, you can easily be a realist and cynic, and apparently a funny bastard in the process, and that is what Peek has done in this book.

To give you a little insight into how much I enjoyed reading these first 13 chapters I'll tell you about how I read them. I sat at my desk, in my dull wooden and metal chair, with my book on my desk before me, and my computer behind that. Eventually, I let my computer go into sleep mode because I had been ignoring it in favor of the book. I sat in my not particularly comfortable chair for about an hour without really moving at all and just ripped through pages and chapters. Many times I read a whole page, or a little entry, over and over a few times because I thought it was funny or provocative and I wanted to remember how he phrased his thought. At some point a couple chapters in, I grabbed the highlighter out of my marking implement and other such thing cup on my desk and began making different types of markings around different pieces that either confused me, made me laugh, or that I just thought were very well-made points.

If you decided that you didn't want to read this book, I recommend that you reconsider. It was worth the short amount of time that you have to dedicate to reading it.

Woke this morning and it seemed to me
That every night turns out to be
A little bit more like Bukowski
And yeah, I know he's a pretty good read
But God, who'd want to be
God, who'd want to be such an asshole?
-Isaac Brock, Modest Mouse

How fucking cool is this, hey?

I love educationally forced text. I used to be down on it, but now I've totally converted.

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