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The Return of 26lies

A while back, I saw a post about an academic in the states using 26lies in a course about writing on the internet, and 26lies was, from what I understood, required reading, and students would have to create their own blogs. Outside that, I really have no idea what the thing is about, but my google alerts thing sent me links to a couple of posts that, it would seem, were made from people in the course.

Did they hate it, did they love it, did they resent having to read for learning?


I absolutely loved Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth. I started reading it early because I didn't think I was going to have time this weekend to finish the reading, so I did it last week instead. I got really into the book and ended up finishing it because I liked it so much. And that is saying a lot seeing as though I haven't finished a required reading book for an English class in a very long time.

Having said that, I thought that it was really cool that Ben Peek turned his blog into a book, almost like a dictionary of his blog. So if you wanted to know what Peek thought about Identity, Sex, or University, you could look it up and see an entry about the topics, or a story that had to do with one of the topics. I loved how you could really hear Ben's voice through the entries and exactly what he thought about each subject. The interspersed dialogue was effective because you got a feel of the interactions that happened between Ben and his friends/family members.

I think that the different format of the book is what kept me interested, because you still got an idea of a story without resorting to a typical story format. Peek kept it interesting by not telling you everything all the time. He left some things up to interpretation. What also kept me interested was how the semi-randomness of all of the posts/subjects all fit together, and they made sense together.


So after reading A through M in the book Twenty Six Lies/ One Truth By Ben Peek, I am still sort confused. Does this book have point to it other than random rants? And why is it written to look like a dictionary ( which i like, it seems to make it a faster read). I mean it wasn't a hard read, but it really didn't have a plot or meaning to the story.

It was incredibly entertaining though. All the points that were brought up, seem like they could have been taken from our Campus' paper, The Water Tower.

I love that it's written and from the view point of an Australian. I've always sort of wished I was Australian (partially because I am highly jealous of my friend from Queensland that I've been "pen-pal"ing with since I was 8). I mean think about it, they have the Australian outback as their back yard, ayers rock, opal mines, aborigines, the great barrier reef (where scuba diving must be amazing), kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, emus and they are closer to the orient and asia than we are. Not to mention the warm weather all year round, fantastic surfing oppportunities and super cool accents! They can also hop to New Zealand conviently where there are four different seasons all year round ( not all in the same location, that would be highly impossible). You could be surfing in the northern half of NZ and then travel to the southern moutains and go snowboarding....IN THE SAME DAY!

Anyways, aside from my personal tangent.....I really liked the sarcasm of the novel.

Perhaps a few of my favorite phrases were:

I don't like organised religion. I don't like the goals of organised religion. I don't like organisations, actually, but a room full of people who believe the same thing and who're trying to save their souls just gives me the shits. Inevitably they're going to think my soul needs saving, and my soul is just fine.

I find this to be extremely true, in that when ever I wander into a church or by some one who is publicly broadcasting religion trying to attract potential followers, it freaks me out. I always feel like they feel the need to "save my soul" in the process of "saving their own." As far as I am concerned, thus far I haven't been involved with any one definite religion and I seem to be doing just fine thankyou. Note* Now I'm not trying to dis anyone if they are incredibly religious or religious at all, I'm just saying I'm not, So please don't bombard me with packets on my way to class.

You can bring about world peace?
We'll cancel the cable channels.
The problem is clearly that we watch the news.
I mean if we didn't watch the news we'd never know about this shit. So we'll cancel the cable. We've kill the net. We'll even toss the TV out the window. We'll throw it at a cripple. One of them with the metal crutches. We'll take him out and then steal his crutches and have sword fights.
Come on you know you want it. You're such an idiot

This just made me crack up for some sadistic reason. I don believe that alot of what we watch on tv does affect us ( and at times I do feel like throwing my tv out of the window). The last part is just so random and I can just picture some cruel individual stealing a crippple's cructhes and running off to sword fight with them.

I also found a quote that I live my life to and aspire to continue to in the future.

I don't want to waste my life doing something that means absolutely nothing to me.

Seriously. Think about it. Whenever I see something like this all I can think of is OfficeSpace. Makes me really NOT want to work in a cubicle or any corporate job, EVER. period.

The same poster went on to write this:

When I finished reading A-M in our assigned book, I was confused to as where this story was going. From what I gathered, I felt like Ben Peeks was extremely sexual in a creepy old man kind of way. He drew genitals on the demons in hell and the cherubs in heaven and his whole chapter L was pretty much about sex. The entries where he mentioned tutoring a bisexual 13 year old were just over the top. I mean, they weren't graphic in any way, I just felt like it was an odd detail to mention. First of all, why would a 13 year old tell her teacher that she was bisexual? And furthermore, how could a 13 year old know that she was bisexual at that age? That's way too young in my opinion. I know she needed someone to talk to, but that is not something you say to your teacher. By saying to your teacher that you are bisexual, it means that you have already had experience and, not to be stereotypical, must be wild. No offense, but some males would die to have a girlfriend who was into male and females. And because Ben Peeks is very sex craved, in my opinion, I think that mention of bisexuality would jump-start his hormones. Maybe I'm blowing everything out of proportion, who knows?

Another thing about this subject is that I don't particularly think a teacher and a student should have this close of a relationship. I know teachers CAN have this close of a relationship and have nothing happen, but most of the times, that doesn't happen. Whenever I think of a student getting close to a teacher, I think that something bad is going to happen. I don't know how many times I have heard on the news that a teacher was charged for having sex with his/her student. It's no wonder Ben's colleagues were worried when they found out he was tutoring a young girl!

Because of these factors, I'm guessing that Ben had sex with this 13 year old girl. In chapter L, he mentioned several instances where a man was attracted to a younger girl, i.e. Lewis Carroll, himself, and even mentioned the name for a girl who was sexually active at a young age. He also mentioned that there was porn out there that depicted young girls having sex with older men and even gave us the name of a 15 year old pornstar. If this is his autobiography than these entries MUST have a meaning. I don't think they're random stuff he decided to put it his blog, but actually an inside to what really happened with this 13 year old girl. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe he's telling this from an observant perspective. Maybe she had a relationship with an older man before and Ben was just merely describing her experience. Maybe Ben caught another teacher having sex with her. I don't know the answer.

When we were talking about the Leave entry in class today, I thought that that was the word Ben said in his head while he was having sex with the 13 year old. Maybe he said Leave to himself because he really didn't want to have sex with her and knew he shouldn't be doing this. Another thing that made me think that this was the case was the entry on the next page called Molestation. He mentioned that the girl who was "molested" was very young. I hate to think of this but maybe he molested her, and while he was doing this, said to himself Leave but didn't. I hope this isn't the case!


I don't really have a favorite entry, but a favorite chapter...and it may seem strange that this is my favorite chapter considering i am in fact female, but i though it was one of the most hilarious things i've read in a while.

I don't know what Peek's reasoning was to make all ten entries about the same thing, but it definitely caught your attention. Each entry got more absurd and you continued reading. One that was extremely entertaining was the one with the 3rd graders. It reminds me of a time when i was also in third grade, and one of the kids dared another to scream sex as loud as he could in the middle of class. I, being the innocent third grader that i was, had no idea what it meant, but some student found this hilarious. I guess they were more mature than I.

Some girls may find this C word extremely offensive, and like Peek stated, "the baddest and worst word ever". I don't really think of it that way. I mean, im not one to use it, but i wouldnt consider it the worst word in the english language. There are definitely much worse. I would consider racist slurs the worst words one could use. But the C word? Come on. I mean, if someone called me one i would not be that happy but for the most part im alright with it.

Awesome, hey?

Obviously, if you've never bought the book, you should.

I need the money.

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