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Year's Best, David Bowie, Some Pear Trees

My contributor copy of the Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy arrived today, and it looks pretty sweet. For twenty bucks, you're going to be hard pressed to find a better way to get a chunk of short fiction, and the fourth in the series' table of contents is:

'Glory' - Greg Egan
'An Account of an Experiment' - Adam Browne
'Toother' - Terry Dowling
'Cracks' - Trent Jamieson
'Mist and Murder' - Lucy Sussex
'Special Perceptions' - Richard Harland
'A Lady of Adestan' - Cat Sparks
'John Wayne' - Ben Peek
'The Dark and What It Said' - Rick Kennett
'The Jeweller of Second Hand-Roe' - Anna Tambour
'Domine' - Rjurik Davidson
'Sir Hereward and Mister Fritz Go to War Again' - Garth Nix

Also, over at Last Short Story, my piece 'David Bowie', from 2012 was talked a bit about:

Ben Peek, "David Bowie," 2012 - I really like Peek's conversation-style fiction and meta-fiction (the Nowhere Near Savannah webcomic being a prime example, as well as elements from 26 Lies/1 Truth, one of the books I am most likely to lend you if you visit my house) and this story is a great example of that - simple, elegant and sharp like a knife in a vein. Not actually set in 2012 like the other stories in the collection, this piece looks instead at the five years in between now and then, positing the question, what if life (or life as you knew it, or life with someone else, or just the world) was going to end in five years time? What would you do? Apart from listen to David Bowie, obviously.

Mostly, I just think it's awesome that Tansy goes around pressing 26lies upon people. Also, it's quite clear that I have a thing about naming my stories after famous people. Perhaps next I'll start naming them after ordinary people that I meet.

Actually, you know, that wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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